Gourmet Dog Japon

  • Behold, Number One, um, dog.

97 Pike St, Ste B
Seattle, WA 98101 USA


2/5 stars

Pick an ethnic group. Take a sausage. Place said ethnic group's food atop the sausage and in a bun. Ta-da! You have a restaurant from an award winning chef! Or you have a street vendor with a schtick. This case is the latter. Not fantastic, not bad. Definitely not bad for the downtown-Seattle-scaled price.

Nori on a dog is almost interesting. Just dropping heaps of non-hot-dog on top of the bun (not really into it) isn't. Neither are the flaccid buns. There are ways this can work. After all, many of the sausages are related to bacon. Many of the ideas in my head wouldn't work tossed quickly out of a rain-soaked corner trailer. Honestly this doesn't quite work either. You have to walk and eat in the rain, so the bun needs more heft and the toppings less blown-away-in-the-wind lightness. The high level idea isn't all bad, though.

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