Georgia Renaissance Festival

6905 Virlyn B Smith Rd
Fairburn, GA 30213 USA
(770) 964-8575


4/5 stars

Ren Faire! Woo-hoo!

The smoked turkey legs were *PERFECT*. Juicy, smokey, big, meaty, yummy, happy goodness.

Yes, the food and drink are overpriced. It's a festival. That's what happens. The mead selection (er, only one) is junk, and the beer, well, why are there no local brews? That's the down side.

But it's still Ren Faire. And some of the acts are still around, although clearly the performers have passed the torch… (The Tortuga Twins' act just wouldn't work with walkers.) Jousting always holds a few surprises. Not many of the SCA everything-must-be-perfectly-period crowd, so this is more laid back than some. Quite a few pirates. They used to be the lowest of the low at Faire. Amazing what Disneywood can do.

This brought back happy memories of BARF, so it's good.

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