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351 Moreland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307 USA
(404) 475-7777


3/5 stars

Hm. Difficult. If you need a "standard" restaurant that isn't a standard chain, look at this FPN. It won't disappoint so long as you have your expectations set correctly. Great service; I wouldn't hesitate to bring a varied business group here.

Red beans & rice: Pretty dang good. Surprisingly so for a restaurant. The pork flavor is throughout, and the beans have a nice texture. Great side, probably a good main dish, too.

My wife's burger was well executed. It's standard beef. Good for basic burger cravings.

My shrimp po'boy… The shrimp is about what you can expect given the price and the state of the bay and shrimping. The bread is what people will eat without objection. Quick rise but even crumb. Dry oven and thin crust. Slightly more flavor than your standard grocery store bread. I know they say it's imported from NO, but I don't see why. Slightly spicy mayo that didn't upset me, so it must be ok. Again, good to satisfy a basic craving.

Beer list is acceptable. There will be something not to disappoint.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm an arrogant bastard and was reminded of that earlier this evening. This place is good if you enter with mediocre expectations. A meal here won't disappoint when you compare to national chains. It won't impress overall. Definitely a safe choice for a meat-eating, general group meal, particularly if our attentive but not overbearing service is typical.

Yelp tags: American (New) Pubs Sports Bars

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