First Down Sports Bar & Grill

4213 N Fairfax Dr
Arlington, VA 22203 USA
(703) 465-8888


4/5 stars

I'm not much of a "sports bar" type. I'm making an exception for two reasons.

One: Soccer. First Down reminded me that Massi & that hand-ball were for Uruguay and not Argentina. Must correct myself with a certain German tomorrow.

Two: The people. Regulars who start conversations with business travelers are such a win that it's difficult to describe. And not just a conversation, but a *technical* conversation.

And while I don't know her opinion on tomorrow, Annie has the patience of a saint. As does "pink Annie," as another barkeep was called… Not by me, but someone they know. The folks working the bar are fantastic. And obviously they understand how us pasty-Americans function. (No, really, someone referred to a song as "gangsta," and even *I* knew better. Pasty pride?)

Why not a 5-star? Well, it's a combination of worry about star inflation and the lack of *local* brews. I know Virginia's laws are all sorts of crazy about alcohol, but I do wish more places would make an effort to offer local-ish brews. Any east-coast brew could qualify as local-ish… Except for the major labels. They'll always be on tap for the McDonalds/Starbucks/bridge&tunnel/ewyuckgross crowd.

Yelp tags: Sports Bars American (Traditional)

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