Eyedeology Vision Center + Optique

860 Peachtree St
Atlanta, GA 30308 USA
(404) 853-5008


5/5 stars

Eyedeology was the only serious choice within fully dilated stumbling distance of my apartment, and I'm glad.

Dr. Gupta was incredibly efficient and very, very nice. The staff was *great*. I'm notoriously bad at making up my mind about new glasses. My wife won't even deal with my running everywhere looking, but these fine people helped me pick out a new frame that I really like. My pupils were dilating rapidly, so I had to go on a little faith. Their advice was great.

My insurance covered much of the cost, so I'm not sure just how pricey the lower end (where I look) might be. They definitely have a fine selection ranging up into much higher tax brackets. But I also really like my moderately inexpensive (more than Costco) frames. They even arrived sooner than expected. Great place.

Yelp tags: Optometrists Eyewear & Opticians

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