Etta's Seafood

2020 Western Ave
Seattle, WA 98121 USA
(206) 443-6000


5/5 stars

Dungeness dungeness DUNGENESS dungeness DUNGeness dungENESS WOO-HOO DUNGENESS!

It had been at least four years since we'd had Dungeness. We realized they were in season while we were in Seattle. I'm walking around checking menus. My wife kicks me and points at the sandwich sign proclaiming crab specials at the bar. I wondered which crab it could be. Duh. Me not so smart'n'stuff. In we go, dodging a tour group that appears to be dodging the nearly nonexistent rain while not actually buying anything… But they also were being treated well by the not-obviously-flustered hostess.

Once seated at tables by the bar, we receive our Dungeness-filled menu and proceed to push off to our happy place. A salad with a heaping helping of Dungeness. And then… the penultimate in crustacean eating and the ultimate crab, whole Dungeness. For cheap-ness during happy hour. Our East-coast-timed tummies were happy.

I'm sure they have other things on their menu, but during Dungeness season one must ask why? Well, except for salmon, which weren't running at the time.

The barkeep of the day, Morgan, completely rocks. He not only mixed a cocktail my wife *finished* (that never happens), but he also had in-depth knowledge of the seafood and its origins. His descriptions lead me to try oysters for the first time later in the week, but that's a different story (and, alas, a different place). The saison also hit the mark.

So my rating really is based on a single primary (drool-worthy) ingredient that needs a very light-handed preparation and a single (alas) visit and our encounters with a few excellent (droo… oh, um) staff. Take it as it is.

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