Elite Event: Black and White Bash

900 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30307 USA


5/5 stars

Ok. One Yelper let me hang on for far longer than was appropriate. That Yelper rocks (understatement). As did the event overall.

Free stuff. Much free stuff. Booze among it, shockingly enough. And shockingly good slow-cooked beef. Almost as good as home-made, even with feed-lot beef.

Yes, I'm being a bitchy twit. Can't help it when it comes to feed lots. Overall, the venue was fantastic, and, of course, Kathleen delivered despite exhaustion and general Ohio influences. (Um, OSU. Disqualifies Ohio in general.) The people rocked, both during and after. Kathleen knows how to keep the party going until it's done.

I admit that I *did* elide questions about RS232 level shifters w.r.t. a certain GT grad student (Jennie), but I think I (a poor software person) have a handle on it… Still looking for a source for single-pin female headers to make the whole issue trivial, but that has *nothing* to do with Yelp. Their "engineers" wouldn't… Oh, ok, I'll be nice.

(BTW: The orange bars. The pastry dough was frozen and based on vegetable oil. It's obvious. But that's for the venue to fix. And I will be mentioning the venue to GT folks in a positive way.)

Yelp tags: Local Flavor

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