El Mexicano

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1341 Moreland Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30316 USA
(404) 622-3501


4/5 stars

The salsa. Seriously. Bright, moderately hot, fresh-tasting salsa made there. Good stuff. Our neighbor turned us onto this "dive." My wife brought home the salsa, and I was hooked.

The food is good, cheap, and plentiful. The tacos (both soft and hard) are as plain as you expect without further instruction. The enchiladas are quite good and a touch smokey. the burrito wasn't quite what I expected, but it was ok. The ground beef ingredients are full fat, so… The refried beans made me happy, particularly once I start mixing them with the beef fat drippings and scooping it up in chips with (yes!) more salsa. And no one around me had reason to be unhappy afterwards.

Good corn tortillas are available (no gluten), and my wife likes them.

Yelp tags: Mexican

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