40 7th St NE
Atlanta, GA 30308 USA
(404) 347-9555


4/5 stars

This place received the mother-in-law seal of approval. The pasta earns that magic "toothsome" description. The gluten-free menu is quite complete. Last time I was there, we had a pork pasta, fried leg-of-Daffy, and a fish plate. Each was quite good, although the pasta was the clear winner to me. The dishes seem like great variations on comfort food to me. No brains when I've been there, alas.

And Ecco garners an eco-bonus for a green roof and not having a dumpster. Many greens are grown on their roof, and they compost as much waste as possible.

The mix-and-match meat and cheese plate would be a great patio date snack. We keep intending on getting folks together, but life is nuts. (And not pine. Maybe more pistachio, or at least pistachio shells. Like in For Your Eyes Only.)

Beer and wine is as pricey as you might expect; go a few blocks away if you're looking more for drinks. But dodge the dealers who hang out nearby. sigh.

Yelp tags: Modern European

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