East Point Possums

2727 E Point St
East Point, GA 30344 USA


5/5 stars

Left without words. Speechless before splendor. The East Point Villagers have the correct reaction: repeated genuflection.

Honestly, the five stars are for more than the Possums' performance. Given the annual fundraiser's execution, their organizational skills are unmatched. Their inspirational skills netted a substantial sum for two worthy causes. Their staging skills provided action and respite in good measure.

And they're damned good performers. Some of their songs had already been used this night (and many others at clubs), but their enthusiasm and choreography had the audience on their feet in dance.

Tonight's event, the annual East Point Possums show, drew a wonderfully wide and diverse audience. It's difficult to explain how happy that made us. There were little kids. There were things many would declare "unfit" for little kids. No one was declaring anything unfit. Wonderful. There were different races, creeds, ages, religious backgrounds…

If you can draw that many different groups to one event and leave them all thrilled, you deserve far more than just a good review on a web site. And tonight the Possums provided far more to other groups.

"Largest drag show in the Southeast" is measured by heart beyond size.

Yelp tags: Performing Arts

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