East Point Corner Tavern

  • I swear this sticker was here *before* I visited. (I think.)
  • East Point Corner Tavern
  • East Point Corner Tavern

2783 Main St
East Point, GA 30344 USA
(404) 768-0007


5/5 stars

Ok, I've been back here a few too many times already. Wow. Can't really go out again this month…

The fried artichoke hearts: Um, yes. Um, yum. And what remains from the massive serving reheats quite well in an oven. The burgers, wraps, and other things are quite good, too. But the fried artichoke hearts far and away take the (extra-sweet after artichokes) cake.

Music: Still haven't made the Sunday music. I will. Soon. Otherwise, the background music suits me. And the karaoke… Let's just say that people who run karaoke nights elsewhere come here to perform. And then there's Heather. I didn't realize she's a hard-core musician (http://www.heatherlutt…), but I should have known given her impromptu performances. (David: Not sure you should come here. Two local celebs in the same place might cause an explosion of awesome.)

Booze: Yes. 'Nuff said, but not 'nuff drank. And great barkeeps.

Neighborhood: This is a great local watering hole. I'm not exactly social, and still I've met a few people so far. Good stuff.


0/5 stars

Uh oh.

First impressions matter. Music is a major part for me. When I first entered Octane, they were playing Joy Division.

Corner Tavern? The Ramones. Next song was Bowie's Diamond Dogs.

I think I may end up spending too much time here. Bonus for the entrance being just a door and stairs. Walked right past it at first. I like that.

The black & blue burger was quite good given the standard beef. The blackening spices didn't overpower; nor did the blue cheese or bacon. (Overpower the taste buds. Arteries are another story.) Green beans were prepared how *I* like them: scared by the skillet. Others may prefer them more cooked. Too bad. I'm happy to encounter a place that makes them my way.

Service? Whoa. A discussion of different dark, malty beers, recommendations of what's good and when, and other things to endear me to Corner Tavern. The board lists live music on Sunday nights. I think I'll have to verify that soon.

And someone's open wi-fi is available. For "working from home."

(Hm. Now that I think about it, I had a draft from Tommyknocker Brewery. I don't know what's in their alcoholic beer, but their sodas contain certain happy-making ingredients (*cough* St. John's Wort *cough*). Might be affecting my outlook. Shucks.)

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