• Duclaw

SW Terminal Baltimore
Linthicum, MD 21090 USA
(410) 850-4846


3/5 stars

It's airport food. At least it's a local group. The food is exactly what you expect: fried yet still somewhat flavorless. The beers are local brews and a bit more interesting. I think my favorite is their red beer, but I don't recall any of the names. They rotate a seasonal brew through. All their beers are more malty than hoppy, even the high-gravity "Serum." I haven't seen a wide variety in flavors in their beers, but that's not a bad thing in itself. All of them are quite smooth and pretty satisfying.

One good point is that the people here are quick with the check when you ask. Many airport workers dawdle and run you later and later… DuClaw's outside security, so keep an eye on your time. BWI's lines can grow long quickly.

Note that the Boingo hotspot here *never* has worked for me. There are low-level wireless association errors; likely either the hardware of firmware of the router is busted. Been this way for over a year as of April, 2011. I end up hanging off the free AT&T hotspot just within range.

Yelp tags: Seafood Burgers

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