Duck's Cosmic Kitchen

111-D New St
Decatur, GA 30030 USA
(404) 371-8823


4/5 stars

I admit, we only had the doughnuts. Everything else looked incredible, but it was a quick coffee stop… And then we saw the doughnuts. Wondering aloud if we should try a doughnut, a customer piped up "they're CRACK" while snarfing a doughnut. She was right.

The doughnuts are the cakey, baked variety. Granulated sugar and cinnamon on the outside gives plenty of flavor and texture. They're sweet but not the glazed, tooth-goo-coating insane sweetness. Perfect with coffee.

We went back the next day (yes, addictive doughnuts), but they were closed (Sunday). Will try their sandwiches sometime. With a doughnut, of course. There's a delicious looking brie & prosciutto on the menu.

Have I mentioned the doughnuts? I highly recommend them. Unless it's the last one in the case. If it is, then it must be awful and you should save it for me. (And Dancing Goats Coffee seems to serve some of these delicious doughnuts, too.)

Yelp tags: Pizza

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