265 Peachtree Center Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30321 USA


4/5 stars

Oh. My. Now I understand. People had told me it's fun. They had mentioned the people watching, the costumes, the smiles (and the bar).

I wasn't in any sort of costume. Did it matter? No! I felt just as welcome and relaxed hanging out as anyone. And the costume wearers were not at all shy about showing off their gear. The costumes ran the gamut from over-the-top steampunk to (ahem) Leeloo's white tape wear.

Even if you don't go to the bar or the con, go to the parade. It rocked! Seeing the costumes in full daylight (thankfully not so bright) was great.

From what's been passed along, the conference tracks themselves were great. Shatner and Nimoy's exchange over the word "fascinate" is only one soundbite.

The fifth star is being held in reserve for next year. I need to budget time & money so I can attend for real rather than as a gawker. I'm betting the mighty fine shindig would have been fun. And I didn't even know there was an Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) track covering the latest events and works regarding freedom in the digital era. (Yeah, now I feel guilty for not helping. erk.)

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