Darwin's Theory

  • Darwin's Theory

426 G St
Anchorage, AK 99501 USA
(907) 277-5322


5/5 stars

And how do I begin this tale of joy
so far away from all that lifts me up
but with the simplest of mental toys
that breaths its liquid measure into cup?

The wonders who did open up a tour
for one plain person showing up to gawk,
Alaska's best they with each breath conjure
and warmly welcome every growing stalk.

So brusque with Spring and caring for us all,
unfurling fern leaves grasping open spring,
they open up the depths of heart's pure hall,
and show the world equality's upswing.

On this review I sat and do no justice still.
I found myself at home here begging quill.

Imagine a place where you walk in and you sit in the smallest living room you've never had with the best friends you haven't yet met. This is Darwin's. Passers-by are not dismissed. Regulars are well-loved. There is discussion of love, life, engines, Cancun, and snowmobiles in the same few sensible minutes before you're even served your first drink. GIS? Yes, with a side of smothering and happiness.

Words fail this place, but not lowly me. I could ramble on and speak of so many stories even after so few nights. But no words can encompass Darwin's. Utter welcoming is on display every night. It's as beautiful as its people.

I fought writing this review because I don't want to let go. Then I realized I never should, and it's up to me.

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