Cvs Pharmacy

1043 Cleveland Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30344 USA
(404) 767-2034


4/5 stars

Snow. Ice. Everywhere. Our driveway was a sheet of ice, and our road was just as bad. We had plenty of food, but ran out of… toilet paper.

This CVS was open and within ice-breaking trudge distance. They had a mostly de-iced parking lot, although there was no way I was going to risk even backing down our slideway. Moreover, they seemed pretty cheerful even after coping with people who think that buying a zillion tiny individual packages of cheetos counts as "stocking up on food." And the pharmacy was open, which no doubt helped quite a few people in the neighborhood.

Not only do they have toilet paper in stock, it's 100% recycled although only 60% post-consumer, iirc. Not bad for pretty cheap. And pretty good for being pretty cheap and available in greater Hothlanta.

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