Crowne Plaza Hotel Astor-New Orleans

739 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70130 USA
(504) 962-0500


2/5 stars

It's a generic, replaceable hotel asking for irreplaceable money for irrelevant bits. I don't *WANT* my soap replaced every day when I haven't even worn off the indentations! And I don't want the cleaning service to call me worried because I left the do not disturb sign hanging to avoid said soap replacement.

What I do want is a shower where the water doesn't randomly stop. Yes, stop. Completely. Guess what floor I was on? Yup, the top floor (14th). That saved me from the Bourbon St. smell, but…. Also "saved" me from the incredible brass band playing the corner of Bourbon & Canal, but they're a separate review. Don't stay here if you want peace and quiet. Pay attention to all the reviews mentioning the complementary ear plugs and air/linen spray.

I was here for a conference, and other people booked my room. It's a room. It suffices. Not as bad as some, not as good as others. There seem to be much, much better places in New Orleans, but this is one of the feeder hotels for the convention center.

So two stars simply because one doesn't seem appropriate. I don't intend on returning to this hotel unless I must. It's not that it's a bad hotel, it's just generic and expensive.

(Oh, yeah, little edit while reviewing photos: The sugar sculpture is amazing given the humidity. The chocolate… I'd be embarrassed to display that. It looks like it was constructed by a special-ed middle school student out of modeling chocolate.)

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