Crawfish Shack Seafood

4337 Buford Hwy
Atlanta, GA 30341 USA
(404) 929-6789


5/5 stars

Fresh boiled crawfish. Cleaned all pretty-like? Nope. De-veined? Nope. Little beady-eyed heads chopped off? Nope. Utensils? Hell, naw, here's a damp rang. Hey, Yelp, where's the sixth star?!?

Expect slurping, splattering, cracking, and all around happiness.

If Bourdain ever has the guts to do a show in Atlanta, I'd bet this is the joint he and the chefs from some hoity-toity place abscond for serious enjoyment of the ingredients themselves. Only not great part is the choice of music, but hey, that's forgivable.

Oh, and check out Ben's photos. His photo from the street really helps. And he's not joking about being in the right lane and going slowly to catch the right.

Yelp tags: Seafood Cajun/Creole

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