Courtyard Fort Meade at National Business Park

2700 Hercules Rd
Annapolis Junction, MD 20701 USA
(301) 498-8400


3/5 stars

While this hotel has a captive audience (you know who you are), it's still quite nice. The government rate rooms are really, really comfortable. There's a full bar. And it's convenient to "the destination."

That should give it four stars, right? Well, I made the mistake of eating at the restaurant. The *people* are great. The food… Well… I know they're doing the best they can with what they're given, but the food is pathetic. Sad. Depressing. Nauseating. With the ingredients and the directions I'm sure are dictated by Marriott Central, well, it can't be any better than what it is. But if a salad is over $15, it better not have only iceberg lettuce. And the Reuben isn't either a Reuben or particularly edible. Bad choice.

Again, the people working out in the open were wonderful. The choice of menu, recipes, and ingredients definitely rips a point off, as there is *nothing* within walking distance that doesn't require significant security clearance. And even then, I'm only guessing they have restaurants inside.

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