Corned Beef & Co

107 S Jefferson St
Roanoke, VA 24011 USA
(540) 342-3354


4/5 stars

I can only speak to the food and restaurant side, but the pizza was very good. A margherita pizza can be ruined by even slightly poor ingredients, and this pizza was very fresh. Our only minor complaint was that the tomatoes were too thick and didn't cook as deeply as we prefer. Now consider just how picky that complaint is… On the flip side, these people understand that the cheese should be browned. Finally!

Service for us was great. We clearly were there before the Saturday crowd, but everything was prompt without being overbearing. The artwork is fun, and the environment was relaxed at 8pm on a Saturday.

One word of caution, though: Those stairs are very short and narrow. They may serve to keep the bar patrons downstairs, so perhaps that's good? I don't know; the band was only arriving as we were leaving.

Yelp tags: Pool Halls Restaurants

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