10200 Wincopin Cir
Columbia, MD 21044 USA
(301) 596-6107


1/5 stars

Oh. My. I should have checked the reviews first. Wow. Amazingly bad. I was suckered in by the promise of Creole / Cajun food and the New Order playing at the door.

The music is tied to a "priced like 1983" special. I think they found items in the freezer *from* 1983. And their decor, well, I hope they went all out and redid everything to match 1983, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it's their everyday color choice.

The food? A "pecan" crust made from large chunks of walnut? To be fair, the nuts were so stale that they could have been anything. And on top of seriously freezer burnt catfish. And don't look for vegetables in anything.

That said, the staff was excellent. I should have picked up on their hints about the food. In hindsight, the server's response to my question about which dish is better should have told me to leave.

Yelp tags: Cajun/Creole

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