Cootie Brown's - CLOSED

  • Inside, neat decor

1919 N Eastman Rd
Kingsport, TN 37660 USA
(423) 247-4723


4/5 stars

Oooh. I wasn't expecting grilled pizza and tamales in the same place… And it works. The tamales are good (even though they're not pork). The formaggio pizza was quite good. The basil was a little dark, but I'm not sure it's quite in season here and now. Otherwise, really good. And the crust was perfectly grilled, thin, and crisp. Cheese was browned and flavorful. Plenty of good-looking choices on the menu besides the pizzas.

And my server was perfect, which is pretty surprising for an inexpensive place. Not hanging overhead and stopping by exactly at the right times.

Plus, a restaurant with free wi-fi?!? Handy for stopping in while the car's in service around the corner. Smaller and larger beers on tap, too.

Yelp tags: Restaurants

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