Conservatory of Flowers

Conservatory Rd
San Francisco, CA 94117 USA
(415) 666-7001


4/5 stars

I walked in, and I COULD BREATHE AGAIN! ahhhh, moisture…. Desert-natives may be uncomfortable in such a pleasant atmosphere.

If you like pitcher plants, and we love them, then you will love this place. Huge, small, pretty, and not so pretty. We never could tell which orchid was the vanilla, but we spotted other ingredients we use all the time. The water garden at one end is gorgeous. Too bad the huge lily pads are gone. And there's one coconut on display that, well, I can't describe properly in an all-ages forum.

It's a lot of fun craning over and back and spotting new things every time you look at the same spot. Really inexpensive for SF. The downside is finding parking in Golden Gate Park if you drive.

Yelp tags: Botanical Gardens Museums

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