Concord Farmers Market

Willow Pass Rd and Grant St
Concord, CA 94520 USA
(800) 949-3276


5/5 stars

I cannot begin to describe how much I miss this market. The farmer from Gilroy with garlic and mushrooms and the most amazing strawberries ever (for a short, short time), the other wonderful tent with perfect, succulent, flavorful lettuce and leeks…

I've now experienced "farmer's markets" elsewhere. No comparison. They're either bucket loads of produce trucked in from across the country of a few stalls of mostly the same few items. Or they're mostly pre-prepared items (yeah you, SF, and you, Piedmont Park).

Perhaps this market has changed, but this place almost always had a large variety of produce from local-ish (some 3-4 hours away) farms. The only time there's little is in the dead of winter, hence the *dead* part. These are real farms. And the prices… Often on par or better than the crap in the major grocery chains.

GET YOUR GROCERIES HERE! Walnut Creek's also is good, but not as good.

(Fun note: Use Google's street view to scope out the market setting up on a Tuesday morning.)


0/5 stars

Where we get most of our groceries all year. There are a few vendors I frequent who return for the whole year. It's great.

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