Civic Center Parking Garage

  • Civic Center Parking Garage

74 Rankin Ave
Asheville, NC 28801 USA


5/5 stars

Yes, I'm reviewing a parking garage. Why? 'Cause it's great. The first hour is free (with a caveat, later). That is *PERFECT* for someone passing through for lunch. It's large enough that I've never found it full (same caveat). It's incredibly convenient to reach coming from the north or south.

There are street-level exits onto Rankin and Walnut, and apparently a bridge over to the Civic Center on Haywood. The Rankin exit is a block and a half from plenty of good food and coffee on Lexington. The Walnut exit's half a block from Malaprop's & Chocolate Fetish, a block and a half from the Woolworth Walk, and roughly two blocks from Grove Arcade, College St., and Wall St. with all sorts of great food. It's conveniently a little farther from the Thirsty Monk, Jack of the Wood, etc. The chill in the winter might help if you're visiting those. The location is great for a quick lunch & coffee stop.

Ok, the caveat. This is the Civic Center's garage. If there's an event going on, event rules apply. The price is higher, and the garage will run out of spots. But that's understandable. I've only encountered that once, and it was later in the evening than I'd like to admit.

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