Chocolate Obsession

  • Chocolate Obsession

28 East Main Street
Franklin, NC 28734 USA
(828) 369-3385


4/5 stars

Ok, the coffee shop next door was closed. These folks were out of coffee, too. *BUT* they brewed one just for me, just a guy driving through. That's a really nice feeling and a quick way to gain a fan.

I tried a chocolate truffle as well. Very well-coated with a rich chocolate, neither too thick nor too thin. I was unsure of the filling. It felt like a fondant with a touch of invertase to soften it, so the texture was fun. But the raspberry flavor was a bit bottled. The peanut butter cups looked and smelled perfect, so I simply chose poorly. I'll come back to try those another time…

Yelp tags: Desserts

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