Cats and Dawgs - CLOSED

  • Cats and Dawgs

1 Page Ave
Asheville, NC 28801 USA
(828) 281-8100


4/5 stars

Ok, I still haven't tried the cats, but the NC-style pulled pork BBQ sandwich is a joy. I keep heading here when I'm coming through Asheville and need solid, quick eats, so I must be a fan The three-bean salad side is fantastic.


0/5 stars

The base is good. Beef dogs, basic buns. Nothing astounding, but good. (Hint to others: Any bad dogs or buns wouldn't qualify even for one star.) The extras are great. The Alsatian and Cuban versions are really good, even though it's Miami-style Cuban and not the real, Tampa style.

This review may well improve next time I visit. We only tried the "dawgs" part and not the catfish. I'm a sucker for catfish…

Yelp tags: Hot Dogs Sandwiches

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