Calavino's Soul Kitchen - CLOSED

1271 Glenwood Ave
Atlanta, GA 30316 USA
(678) 705-4585


5/5 stars

So two people walk into a bar… Actually, it's a brunch place 10-3. And we walked in around 2.45, not quite realizing the time.

Brunch food often requires equipment, like waffle irons, that takes time to heat up. It gets turned off around closing to cool down. Most places won't turn the equipment back on, simply saying they're out of waffles. Here, however, the executive chef pops out and asks if we're ok waiting for the iron to heat back up. And the place was just about empty.

That level of care extended into the food. My wife's waffles with duck was great. It's not wild duck (we're a tad spoiled), but the duck still is rich and goes well with the waffle. And the (secret spice mix) jam was *perfect* with everything. We'd love to try it on pork sometime (hinthint). My cajun burger was listed as spicy. It's not the spicy as in melt-your-brain-and-make-you-cry but rather as in well-spiced while not hiding the food beneath. The flavors mixed and the ingredients still stood out (ah, bacon). The textures left me happy, too.

This place definitely is on the short list whenever my wife can make it down here.

And we've heard Doria is quite a musician…

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