Caffe Appassionato

801 Alaskan Way
Seattle, WA 98104 USA
(206) 264-2500


3/5 stars

Fair coffee for an in-transit place. This is for the in-terminal location. The proprietress was quite cognizant that she was serving commuters, even if the people in line were utterly clueless that the ferry would be leaving soon. Poured directly into my travel mug (from a roaster in SW VA), they coffee stayed warm as long as the coffee lasted.

The blend's flavor was middle of the road, but what do you expect from a ferry dock's coffee joint? It was fresh and hot. That's much better than many. Mind you, I roast myself, appreciate drip brews, and never could get enthused about the Blue Bottle circle-jerk in SF. Scale your expectations appropriately.

Yelp tags: Coffee & Tea

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