Café Nola

  • Outside... A wonderful introduction.
  • Café Nola

101 Winslow Way E
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 USA
(206) 842-3822


4/5 stars

Salmon can be easy to over-cook when you're going for the wonderful marks on the outside, but Café Nola pulled it off perfectly even for a brunch sandwich. The salmon was moist and still that soft yet cooked pink inside. And the bread was great. It was airy like a ciabatta but toasted strongly to make a crunchy contrast to the salmon. My wife's meal graciously was modified to avoid gluten. Can you guess what *was* in it? Yes, that's right, more Dungeness! Oh, happy crabs. Fresh, bright veggies on both our plates, and plenty of green left in the wallet.

This was a great recommendation from our neighbor on the flight. Glad he pointed us this way. It's not the first or second or… brunch place from the ferry, so many of the less patient peeled off before reaching Café Nola. Nice, cozy place that wasn't crowded.

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