Cafe Beignet

334 Royal St
New Orleans, LA 70130 USA
(504) 524-5530


4/5 stars

This was my go-to place for breakfast beignets and cafe au lait. Inexpensive, quick, good, and waist-expanding. The patio area is perfect for enjoying the great weather (on those days). Having NOPD next door and not being on Bourbon St. also are bonus points… Although the breeze combined with the powdered sugar can color your neighbor's black sweater. At least it was his back, so he didn't notice…

I'm by no means a beignet expert, but I liked the beignets here more than those at Cafe du Monde. Tastier and larger. Now I'm larger, too. The cafe au lait at the latter is a tad better. Neither coffee is great, but that's not their focus.

Yelp tags: Breakfast & Brunch Coffee & Tea Donuts

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