BXL Belgian Cafe

125 W 43rd St
New York, NY 10036 USA
(212) 768-0200


4/5 stars

After being quite disappointed in my hotel's people-watching support, I headed out into the garish lights of Times Square. And promptly ran to this quite non-garish, friendly, and cozy little bar.

The fermented Belgian beverages are quite tasty. The house is a little rough, which almost works with its fruit overtones. And the barkeep's a good person. She kept singing along with the music, so I'll assume she performs when possible. Vocalists do tend to act alike… There was a quite international crowd. I suspect many people take brief refuge in BXL. The crowd was a nice transition after spending about a week out of the country.

Yelp tags: Pubs Belgian Breakfast & Brunch

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