Burger & Shake No 2

  • Burger & Shake No 2

5866 Spout Springs Rd Ste C
Flowery Branch, GA 30542 USA
(770) 965-1312


4/5 stars

After sitting in the escape-from-Atlanta traffic through Gwinnett, I was struck by an overwhelming urge for a milkshake. Checked the GPS, saw a place with "Shake" in the name, and I was on my way…

This place is odd. It's in a strip mall. They have an interestingly jury-rigged drive-through. I decided to try going inside, girding myself for the typically revolting grease pit smell… And was greeted by a *good* meat smell. I'm sure it's typical fed-lot, corn-fed beef, but it actually smelled good. They advertise using peanut oil, so I'd bet the burgers have that nice crust… If I weren't overheating and very unhungry, I would have swallowed my ethics and their meat. I could do without the religious items everywhere, but that's just my preference.

And the milk shake? Mixed right in front of me. Satisfied that deep urge.

Yelp tags: Hot Dogs Burgers

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