Brake Pad

3403 Main St
College Park, GA 30337 USA
(404) 766-1515


4/5 stars

Brake Pad was *very* generous with appetizers for our neighborhood's mixer. And the appetizers were really good. The hummus was yummy, and the roast peppers on the plate were fantastic. I was too stuffed to try the fried grit cakes, but others were raving. I'm rarely a fan of the cold shrimp cocktail thing, but these were good.

Their menu otherwise is primarily burger. Shocking, I know. They're basic, fine bar burgers. I should not have eaten all the fries. Way too much food for me… Their draft selection is ok, and the harder drinks seemed to be having the right effect on others.

The patio was comfortable even during the rain. Bonus for not being smoky… The bar inside seems pretty nice; I'll have to return and sample that a bit more… And the servers were great at juggling our, um, amorphous group's needs while still tending to everyone else.

Yelp tags: American (Traditional)

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