Berkeley Student Food Collective

  • Berkeley Student Food Collective
  • Berkeley Student Food Collective

2440 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94704 USA
(510) 845-1985


5/5 stars

Fight the power! No, really, they did. And won. They helped keep a chain with questionable practices off UC Berkeley's campus. (Too bad about Peet's, though. I could go off on some of their sourcing and marketing based on that sourcing, but..)

So I made sure to swing by on their last open day of the year. I grabbed a locally made burrito with organic ingredients out of the cooler and an apple for a snack. They let people use their microwave, although… It's a commercial microwave. Generally, people don't realize the strength. The woman at the counter warned me multiple times. They have to clean up food explosions often. Take care, and start with a *short* time. While they say 90s for one of their burritos, 1m left mine quite toasty.

They had a good collection of groceries for what looked like good (for Berkeley) prices. The produce was limited, but it's *winter*. Even the bay area slows down in winter. Prices and produce will never match a large farmers' market like Concord's, but this store is open almost every day.

The trash from my to-go lunch? Compostable, so I found an appropriate can for disposal. I really wish this extension of the local food coop table had been here way, way, way back when I still lived near campus. Way back. Um, some of the kids running the place likely were entering middle school. erm. yeah. eep.

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