Babycakes Cupcakery

380 East Main Street
Abingdon, VA 24210 USA
(276) 623-0018


5/5 stars

Her cupcakes keep getting better and better. She manages the sweetness, texture, and flavor masterfully. And somehow she is incredibly consistent. I've never had a just-good cupcake; they all have been fantastic.

I still drool over the memories of the lemon cupcakes. The s'mores are fantastic. Wedding cake… ooohhhh…

Just try to come here or her place at the farmer's market *early*. She sells out almost every day.


0/5 stars

Oh no, cupcakes.

In the same building as my local coffee shop. "Danger, Will Robinson!"

And unfortunately the cupcakes are *good*. There are the typical ones (red velvet!), then some funkier ones. I'm eating a lemon cake now, and it's clever. Rather than frosting, there's a lemon curd-filled indentation. And there's a sugar cookie (I think) crust on the very bottom. Just right amount of lemon and sweetness.

Yelp tags: Desserts

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