Auburn Coffee Company & Cafe - CLOSED

1568 Lincoln Way
Auburn, CA 95603 USA
(530) 823-7977


5/5 stars

I was kicking myself for not stopping at one of the little towns on the way through the mountains. I had the horrible feeling that I'd end up getting lousy coffee at some damned strip mall. Instead, we turned into Auburn. The old downtown is gorgeous. And the coffee was really good. I asked for a macchiato and received a very nice surprise. The espresso was well-extracted even though the poor lady was working double-duty as barista as well as greater for the pizza place.

Definitely scan the photos. Arrange for a restroom trip even if you don't need one just to look at more pictures. Wish we were hungry; it would have been nice to try the pizza.

Yelp tags: Coffee & Tea

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