Atlanta Underground Market

Secret Downtown venue Tba
Atlanta, GA 30303 USA


5/5 stars

Oh, I over-stuffed myself. Spent more than intended, but how couldn't you? Moose with a helping of Trekker (though no squirrel), Ethiopian, BBQ, salads, cookies, and more. And it was all made with care. There were somewhat known caterers serving food along side college clubs. Wonderful.

Lines were really long, but look at the positive: People in Atlanta want good food! When I first heard the registration numbers, I assumed only 10%-20% of those would turn up, and it'd mostly be the typical tribes with their on-line snarking. Nope. All sorts came out. People where there to support their friends, try new food, or just to see what's up. I don't handle crowds this size well unless I'm involved, but that just means I need to get off my ass and help.

Definite props to the venue and its rent-paying customers for letting this crowd in after hours. The location and time were excellently chosen. The venue's easily accessible. People could eat then head to nearby party places, or just hop up on the interstate and head home.

So this is in the 4-5 range rounded up for being an amazing first outing. I wanted to round down to give room for growth, but the negativity demands rounding up. There are little issues, of course, but this was planned and executed in a **month**! There were fewer issues than many yearly events.

Funny how none of this food made my stomach slightly upset, but eating at more expensive, inspected restaurants or events tends to be a crap-shoot (pun intended).

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