Arden's Garden

90 Peachtree Pl
Atlanta, GA 30309 USA
(404) 477-6999


4/5 stars

A squishy, bright juice is a nice treat after forcing myself past the less sugary libations that otherwise line this part of my commute. So obviously I don't stop here often.

The juice is pretty good juice. Ideally it's squeezed somewhat recently, so it shouldn't be re-flavored by "natural" flavor. The prices aren't insane for squeezed juices. I wish they had carrot juice in among the yums to add, but… And remember that adding a shot of ginger is fine. There's no soul in the drink to lose, and it's a nice spike of flavor.

The "fuel" and "cleanse" products make me twitch, but I don't need to worry about holding my tongue. It's busy enjoying the bright blended nectar.

Yelp tags: Juice Bars & Smoothies

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