An Evening in the Park Elite Event

500 10th Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309 USA


5/5 stars

Oh, yeah, this is more my pace. Kathleen's doing a great job mixing fast-paced parties with slower get-togethers. I'm sure the piñata disagrees with the pacing, but hey, candy rings and smarties! Plenty of opportunity to try to catch up with people I rarely see. Difficult for my non-social side, but folks are good about drawing me in. Particularly when they see that Nathan's here… *She* has cool stories. And made short work of the parking situation by squeezing our car in where others feared to tread; a Civic's easier to maneuver than an ambulance.

Sushi always is appreciated, and the salt rock added a nice touch to the Kobe-ish beef and tuna. Looking forward to trying Park Tavern's salt rock at the table schtick someday. Yeah, the drinks were weak, but it kinda works when it's this hot and we're downing them like ice water. (And they're free, so no complaints.) The mojito's flavor was just right for the sun and breeze, and conveniently color-coordinated with Pam's outfit. Live music's a definite bonus. Thanks for the great event!

Yelp tags: Local Flavor

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