Aéroport international Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau de…

(514) 394-7377


3/5 stars

As a native said when I mentioned being at YUL: "I'm sorry. Enjoy the… nothing."

Pretty much. Unfortunately, my main experiences with YUL are for transfers. There's not much here between cheap and ultra-pricey. Except there *is* network access, hence the A-OK rating. And I can still pretend I'm in Montreal. Kinda.

I stupidly ate at the quicky joint in the international wing. blah. Forgot I was flying Air France, where they give you better food than that place. And wine. And chocolate. And port. Oh, Air France, why must you remind me how badly US airlines suck?

YUL's an ok airport for transfers. My memories of arriving and departing are growing ever more distant, alas. I need to fix that, but then I'll be spending the absolute minimum time in the airport possible.

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