A & G Tire

  • A & G Tire

2213 Metropolitan Pkwy
Atlanta, GA 30315 USA
(404) 963-1172


3/5 stars

My back left tire blew out about 2-3 blocks south of this garage. The AAA tower thought one of the places up the street might still be open at 6.30pm, and A&G was. They also were relatively cheap *and* had a tire for my Civic. In my experience, the downside to having such a common car is many places run out of parts. The upside is that the parts tend to be cheap and rarely needed…

They replaced my tire quickly even while working on another car's rims. My groceries made it home unspoiled by the summer heat. And they were fun, even though one fellow didn't know how to drive stick (much to the tower's amusement). These folks seem to do general tune-ups and other mechanic work, too. My frugal side's interested in checking those out.

(BTW, the receipt says A&G Tire, but the banner says A&G Tires. Whichever…)

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