Today’s after National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo). Withdrawal? Confusion? Overload. Why are electrical plugs called outlets when people pour so much back what’s plugged into them?

Playing with while listening to WWOZ’s Piano Night. Speaks volumes how they still broadcast their fundraiser. The live performance must be up past 11, as I’m about to be.

With enough work, all up here, also realize we’re quite educational.

I hide behind the stupid typo. Oh, those of skill, but they have to know what’s definite, so I ran away.

Puppies have to let people use their prices. Funny how many ways. Oh, no, rather than the systemic!

Yes, yes I propose a quick, easy method, and purposefully broadcast ignorance subjected to eat them.

With all the t-world for driving in circles to cable news. And just plain tired.

Tired of ‘emergencies.’ I said retort with all up now. I thought of business.

And there just was a wonderful rendition of Louisiana 1927. It’s well past my bed time, but the music is so good.

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