Tee-hee. Pwoermds make me kinda happy. But I can’t leave it at that, so I took the prompt and went further.

BTW, if the pwoermds include boxes, your font system sucks. You probably also think that revolutions are being carried out in boxes. Well, some aspects are. Those aspects are stuck in tiny proprietary boxes rather than pushing out through the autonomous world.

}ings{ or ∃ingsE, I can’t yet decide

These lint-less appendages
serve some purpose far removed
from their haughty appearance.
They don’t serve to terrify
rodents searching for a bite,
temporary nourishment.
They don’t serve to widen doors,
one is expected to turn
just to scoot inside sideways.
They seek escape.
Upwards. Away. Now.


Might as well have them
for all the looks we gather
in a moment’s joy.


Without balance toppling happens
but not sheet-mussing enjoyment
of an afternoon encounter
but just the everyday kind
that leaves no one the happier.

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