I’m frustrated with a lack of interesting other both here and in daily work, so I tried something other. I took an interesting wordle based on Feminisnt, chosen because it was the first interesting one from many feeds I follow. Then I decided to work left to right until the end, then bounce somewhat up and down. The result started well but leaves me less than pleased.

something just needs, the way the facts glitter
deep into people, women first, of course
unorganized highly through email turns
thanks to industrial, sexual morse

codes of workers’ conduct many option
and place as much into as Scottish rites
or some sort of criminal ablution
reaching to become best over-booked nights

needing depth and viewing heights all thankful
for much sorted in places where sordid
has its way with peopled facts and awful
criminal how unorganized are courted

as people so often need facts and sex
just something sorting up their own complex

Slightly better are a pair of American sentences that popped up.

This gnat outraces my cursor wandering across my work’s busy screen.

Those with much to gain should pay attention when the wind whips up a storm.

I have a bunch of “saved up” prompts from Brenda Nichols’s photography. When this paper’s done, and when I’m less frustrated with one involved party, I need to think about those.

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