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4/5 stars

They work well for me. My refunds are quick, and I've never had a mistake appear thanks to their pre-filing verification work. Their service is open to all JavaScript-capable browsers and platforms. While I'd love to use it via Emacs, well, I can understand the JS decision.

They have my tax records going back to 2004. All still are accessible, and all those I've paid to re-access still are ready to print. My taxes aren't terribly complicated, so the cheap plans (relative to my refunds) work well. They've been growing their toolset since my first encounter. The downside is that not everything is available right now (the medical deduction tracker would be useful), but I like their business model.

When I first started using TaxSlayer, it was quite bare-bones. They've grown as their business has grown rather than trying to tackle everything at once. Very well done, and it gives me some faith that they'll exist far into the future. As a bonus, they're kinda sorta local-ish now. I'll overlook their street address and nearby reservoir name; it's not necessarily their fault. And they have good free filing plans for low-income and military users.

Our partial-year split residence prevented our e-filing for that state last year, but that's not TaxSlayer's fault. I could have ducked out of that state's fee and *still* used TaxSlayer's work just by cutting and pasting to the Virginia form. The fee, however, lets me save that information…

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