KALX 90.7 FM

26 Barrows Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720 USA
(510) 642-1111


5/5 stars

I grew up in Tampa, FL. My undergrad's from UF in Gainesville, FL. My expectations for college radio were set incredibly low. Programming from *local* people wouldn't appear until 11pm. Community radio was stultified, stratified, and simplified. KALX fixed me.

KALX is my go-to radio station. Even when I don't like the music style or don't like the DJ style, I still find myself listening. And learning. And appreciating. I've heard a ton of music on KALX that "isn't played on the radio." I've heard a ton of music on KALX I'd otherwise dismiss because I wouldn't like it a priori. But the DJs mix the music so you always stretch your ears in nifty new ways.

The *only* downside is that listening to KALX involves *listening*. It's not just background music. There are a few specific DJs I cannot have on while I try to work because I'll spend my time listening and thinking.

I still listen to KALX on-line even though it's three hours in the past. Screws with my timing, makes me late for meetings, but keeps me sane. KALX needs 10 stars, not five.

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