• Little Freddie King. Five dollar cover. I'm still in shock.

616 Frenchmen St
New Orleans, LA 70195 USA
(504) 942-3731


5/5 stars

Wandering Frenchmen with friends (not French men, alas), we bounced between a few cover-less places, shying away from d.b.a. Then a brass band fired up on the street, causing spontaneous dancing everywhere outside. How could it get better than this inside and requiring cover?

By being d.b.a. A friend from long ago came out and fetched me. The cover was paltry. The beer selection is good and emphasized locals. Then… Little Freddie King. I had no idea who was going to play. Had I known, I likely would have headed directly to d.b.a. I'm glad I caught both the street party *and* Little Freddie King. And introduced various friends to each other, who ended up sharing even more friends… Crazy small world. Crazy in a good way sometimes, like this night.

BTW, the "price range" is up to however much beer you want… The brews are priced well and are full sized, so…

Yelp tags: Jazz & Blues Bars

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