The senryū:

there are so many
things i’ve never accomplished
that i can’t miss them

Longer, free verse draft:

is it that breeze i feel
rushing past
shoving against
rudderless wakes

as massive ships barely controlled
shove past
so many small bits
just moving up and down
waves don’t move ahead

or even back
into memories
they only carry the present
to short heights and moderate depths
nothing outside

their amplitude
missing anything beyond
the immediately pressing
and being missed
for their ephemeral breath

mist that hides
depths and rip tides
dangerously pulling outwards
away from the wave itself
moving only one way

but the one way
constrains and binds and tears
into droplets
dripping in the air
as the one way breaks

unable to restrain
motion, depth, the worlds
pulling upwards and also
sideways both
forward and back

an explosion of forms
falling back downwards
into the same place

Not sure how I feel about either of these. Not sure how I’ll survive two weeks, either.

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