I finally returned to futzing with my bricked Dockstars. Still receiving mostly garbage over the UART with occasional snippets of kernel output. So I try the self-test, and see…

VPU(0.00) FAIL
3.3V(3.32) OK
ADC(0.00) FAIL
Bus Hi-Z 1

Drat. Those last few failures seem relevant. MOSI/MISO are TX/RX for the UART. This was a SparkFun version I picked up using SparkFun’s yearly giveaway, not an original Bus Pirate. I might have to pick up a real one, maybe next month. Still want to use the low-power Dockstars for most server-ish tasks at home, particularly with the summer power bills.

Edit: Ok, I forgot to put the jumpers cross the voltage sources, so it makes sense that the above failed. So much for the easy answer. Back to poking at the UART sometime.

Dockstar, JTAG and Buspirate.


I just saw your post about your attempt of recovering your bricked Dockstars with a BusPirate. And as I did it a few weeks ago, I thought it could help you recover yours, I don’t know if you read the popoplug forum so, here’s the link of the article which describe the process I needed to fix mine:


Good luck with your Buspirate and with your Dockstars.


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